Surprise AMA from Toronto | Charles Hoskinson

Surprise AMA from Toronto
Charles Hoskinson
Published October 17, 2018

0:00 Cardano Foundation 8:00 Lightning network, decentralization 14:00 Why did you wait for the guardians to take action? 18:40 Interacting with foreign governments 24:50 Greetings 25:35 Why do you allow Parsons to get away with ADA? 26:40 Dynamic transaction fee system 29:20 Hyperledger 32:00 Assets in Cardano 35:00 What happens to the ADA of the foundation? 35:45 When putting property deeds on the blockchain how can one confirm that no one is counterfeiting the deed? 44:30 When debit card / credit card? 44:60 Offline transactions 49:30 Possibilities for currencies build on top of Cardano 52:00 Will Cardano make the staking process understandable to normal people? 57:50 Is there any reason Cardano is more suited to the K framework than other protocols? 1:03:50 Universal dapps store 1:06:00 Has EOS a competitive advantage because they raise 4 billion USD? 1:10:00 Possible regular monthly analytics and report statistics 1:12:30 Complex event processing technology 1:20:00 When Joe Rogan podcast? 1:23:40 What happens after Cardano 1.4? 1:28:30 Are you still convinced ADA market cap will reach a trillion? 1:30:00 Does Jeremy Wood run undercover operations of Cardano? 1:31:48 IOHK work with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)? 1:34:20 Has IOHK given any time of research into implementing a stable coin? 1:35:10 Would it possible to attach EOS to the Cardano blockchain once it is 100% complete? 1:36:50 Will Tone Vays still see Cardano as scam after Shelley? 1:37:24 Will IOHK stay after 2020 1:40:00 Why no Ledger Nano S (yet)? 1:42:00 Sirin labs, finned phone