About Us

Who is ADA EVO?

ADA EVO stands for ADA Evolution. We believe that Cardano (ADA) will be the future of all blockchain platforms. This site was created to help the Cardano community, as well as future members learn more about this steady-growing cryptocurrency. We are here to help the community stay current on presentations, updates & releases, white papers, interviews, conferences, podcasts and much more. So, in essence, we are you! Rather than you looking all over the web for the latest information, we will try provide the info you need here in an easy to digest fashion! We are a Cardano Hub - here for your convenience.


Our purpose is to make your life easier. Currently, "we" are a small team of 1 person (haha), but with your help, we can continue to grow and add information rapidly. Want to learn more about Cardano? Well, we strive to be the "Cliffnotes" of Cardano. Light and easy.

The Future.

I believe the future of Cardano is bright, especially the next 2 years. Many big things are coming, and together we can help push this platform further, faster. Look forward to constant updates and an upcoming Monthly / Weekly Newsletter to keep you posted on all things ADA straight to your inbox. Make sure you Sign-up below (Footer).

**Please note that ADA EVO is in no way officially affiliated with Cardano or IOHK. I am an independent developer committed to helping distribute information and knowledge to the community for the greater good of Cardano.